Our Afternoon Enrichment Classes offer in-depth lessons in a variety of subjects and were created to offer our older students the opportunity for a more focussed instructional period.

     Class participation is determined by the student's lead teacher and the class instructor.  Students must be at least four years old, be able to focus for extended periods of time, and be able to remain cheerful for the duration of the class and any remaining time spent at school.

Afternoon Enrichment Classes

Daily Schedule

Early Care: 7:45am–8:45am

7:45–8:45: Indoor quiet play with materials and friends

School Schedule: 8:45am–12:00pm

8:45:  Children arrive, school begins

​8:45–10:45:  Indoor work time: Work with various materials projects, individual and group presentations and instruction. Wash hands, have snack (typically a grain, protein and fruit or vegetable)

9:45 –10:05:  The toddler group has their own outdoor playtime, and then returns for group snack, indoor work time and a circle gathering before returning outside at 11:00.

10:45-11:00:  Circle time: sharing, songs, topical discussions, grace and courtesy lessons, etc.           

​11:00-12:00:  Outdoor play, arts & crafts, practical life activities, group games, etc.

Full Day Schedule: 12:00–3:00pm

(includes morning class time)

12:00-12:30: LUNCH

​12:30-1:00:  Outdoor play, arts & crafts, practical life activities, group games, etc.

1:00-3:00:  Nap Time: children ages 2-4+ years participate in nap time

1:00-1:20:  Prior to the Afternoon Enrichment Classes beginning, students participate in a Quiet Time - sometimes laying down, sometimes participating in quiet group discussion.

Afternoon Enrichment Classes

Monday: Science & Art Class
Tuesday: Gardening Class and Big Sports
Wednesday: Spanish & Cooking Class
Thursday: Gardening Class and Big Sports
Friday: Story Telling & Nature Class

Extended Care: 3:00pm–5:30pm

3:00–5:30:  Outdoor play, arts & crafts, practical life activities, group games, etc.