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STARS GROUP 2 to 3 3/4 year olds

SUNS GROUP 3+ to 6 year olds


Sunrise Montessori has continued to grow and deepen its commitment to education over the past nearly 40 years. Our teachers are devoted to continuing their own education, and routinely attend local and national conferences and workshops. All of our lead teachers have received their Bachelors degree, as well as specific Montessori training through American Montessori Society. 

In addition, all assistant teachers have either an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education, or are completing their Bachelors degree. 

All of our teachers are certified in infant and child first aid, CPR and the use of an AED (Automatic Defibrillator Device

Kimberly Reeder

Assistant teacher
Kimberly has BA in Theater 
Arts, and will complete her
Early Childhood Education
certification through Santa
​Barbara City College in 2015.
Kimberly has been a
wonderful addition to Sunrise
Montessori since she was hired
​in 2010, her gentle loving kindness shows in all she does and this additional certification will truly define her inherent talents.

Rosy Flores

SUNS Group

Rosy knew from an early age 
that she loves working with
people. During her senior year
in high school, Rosy was CNA
​certified (Certified Nursing
Assistant) through Santa Barbara City College. 
During her internships at the Valle Verde (a retirement and assisted living community) and Cottage Hospital she realized she was really talented at the human work of health care, and that she loved it. It was her experiences working in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and Oncology departments that lead Rosy to decide to pursue a degree in nursing. During her studies she discovered psychology, and her true passion became apparent. Rosy will graduate from California State University, Channel Islands in December 2014 with a BS in psychology. Once all of her schooling and licensing is completed, Rosy would like to work with children struggling with a cancer diagnosis. Rosy joined the Sunrise Montessori staff at the beginning of the 2013 school year.  During her first year she was responsible for setting up and supervising the playground and lunch time.  The students reveled in the incredible activities Rosy shared with them, and eagerly awaited to see what she would put out each day.
The 2014-2015 school year sees Rosy move into the SUNS Group classroom to assist in a teaching capacity. Rosy is an excellent pickler, she is known for her pickled garlic.

Jean Marie Driskel

STARS Group lead teacher
Jean Marie started at Sunrise 
in 2005 on the advice of her
college guidance counselor
who suggested she channel
her interest in working with
children by observing a
​Montessori classroom. The
​former director, Annelise, was so impressed by Jean that she offered her a job on the spot. Jean Marie has been here ever since, working with the 2-3 year old students and learning as much as she teaches. Jean Marie’s passion for children is only rivaled by her love of animals; she has a dog, a fish, two rabbits and a cat that rules over everyone ~ including Jean Marie! 
She completed her degree in Behavioral Sciences, with honors, is a certified Montessori teacher through American Montessori Society and can still find the hilarious in nearly any situation. 

Margarita Aguirre

SUNS Group lead teacher
Sometimes the smallest action 
can have the biggest outcome. 
That was what happened in 1998
when Margarita was volunteering
​in her children’s preschool classroom.  The teacher suggested Margarita get her Early Childhood Education credits through City College, and she would pay for her books and tuition, if Margarita would work for her at the preschool – and the rest is history. 
​ Margarita came to Sunrise in the Fall of 2010, after seven years at Montessori Center School.  Although she has many talents in the classroom, her especial love is helping a scared or nervous child adapt into a classroom environment. In addition to her AA, Honors, from Santa Barbara City College, and specialized training for children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders, Margarita is a certified Montessori teacher, having received her certification from the American Montessori Society. Outside of Sunrise, Margarita focuses on her two children and husband, she is an excellent cook and loves to style hair – which comes in handy with the girls at Sunrise!

Felicia Danon North

Director / Owner

Ms. Danon North received her American Montessori

Society Certificate in 1995 and taught and served as 

assistant director in a dual language program in Seattle. 

     In 2002, she joined the Sunrise staff as a teacher,

and purchased the school and began her tenure as the Director in 2007.  Felicia brings a deep love and creative appreciation for young children into the classroom, augmenting the program through her abilities in gardening, music, and languages.  Her extensive international travel and experience growing up and living overseas has deepened the geography, languages, and culture programs at the school.

     After leading the SUNS Group classroom for seven years, Felicia will be stepping away from the classroom and into a more administrative role this year in order to carefully and thoughtfully manage the unprecedented growth that has occurred during the past two years.