Nap time (1:00-3:00) is for students who will be attending for a full day or extended care.

This is a time for rest and reflection; the children have a mat to rest on with a few blankets and a small pillow from home. They are encouraged to keep quiet so that the sleeping children are not disturbed.

​The children who do not sleep are given quiet activities in the last 20 – 25 minutes of the nap period. 

Nap Time

Our youngest students, ages 2-3 1/2, participate in the STARS Group. This classroom has a quiet, home-like feel, which can make the transition to a child’s first school experience, an easier one.  Activities are specifically designed to spark your children’s interest and intellect at this stage, and encourage curiosity and social growth.

The STARS teachers focus on creating an optimal, loving, and encouraging place for your young child to gain many physical, intellectual and social skills. The teachers convene weekly to prepare the environment to meet the needs of the students, enriching their school experiences as they grow and develop under the careful care of their first teachers. 

Sunrise Montessori keeps the teacher to
student ratio below the California state maximum of 1 teacher to 6 students.

This first classroom is where your child will learn about:
· Being in a group of young children and contributing to a community.
· Taking out, enjoying and putting away their activities.
· Following directions from a teacher.
· Assisting the group in clean up and care of the classroom.
· Learning how to eat as a community, waiting until the group is served.
​· Learning about various topics, including: colors, shapes and phonetic sound introduction.

Stars Group