Transitioning from Stars to Suns

Students can spend from a few months up to 18 months in the STARS classroom, depending on how old they were when they entered the classroom, and their abilities and readiness to progress into the larger classroom. The STARS teachers regularly evaluate a student’s progress along three key developmental milestones:
* ​Social & Emotional Development
* Physical Development
* Intellectual & Academic Readiness
Students join the SUNS Group at age 3 and continue until they graduate Sunrise Montessori to attend kindergarten.  

Sunrise Montessori students accomplish a great deal during their two years with the SUNS Group.  Our curriculum is student driven, which means that the teachers design the classroom and the lessons around the passions and abilities of the students. As the student’s abilities increase and their interests sharpen, we provide a progressively more sophisticated series of lessons. 

The general lesson framework encompasses the Montessori curriculum, which includes: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Geography, Science, Art & Music. 

In addition to the standard curriculum, the teachers develop units of study that support and enlarge the curriculum. This might include units of study about the life cycle of plants, an in-depth study of the science of change through heat application via a lesson in baking, or even a study of the solar system through creative modeling. Units of study will be published in the bi-monthly newsletter.

​The SUNS Group enjoys a daily Group Time after the morning lessons and before outdoor playtime. During this time we have specific lessons on dates and days of the week, weather and seasons. In addition to stories, songs and creative movement, we also use this time to have group discussions and to celebrate birthdays.

The success of the SUNS Group lies in the more experienced students interacting and assisting students who are less experienced. Students love to learn, and they love to share their experiences with their friends. All of this occurs with the careful and thoughtful direction of the teachers.

Suns Group